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Monday, December 9, 2013

Swap With Sparkling Luna!

Hello! Recently I did a swap with the lady from the blog Sparkling Luna! This was my first swap that I have ever done. I got some awesome new colours to play with!

She sent me some lovely things from Catrice, which is a European drugstore makeup brand. They definitely have gorgeous packaging for a drugstore brand!!

She sent me some Lace Patch Eyeliners (will be used for clubbing looks!), Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen, and Curl Extender Mascara. The mascara definitely curls my lashes but doesn't give much volume. It looks really cool when I use it on my lower lashes.
OMG I LOVE THE EYELINER! THE TIP IS HUGE!!! This is perfect for my style of wearing black eyeliner.

I also got a whole bunch of samples! I got to try out colours from Aromaleigh, Catrice, and Essence.


From left to right: Reggaeton, Salsa Cubana, Sunny Side, Take it Mint.
Top: Natural light. Bottom: Indoor light.
From left to right: Alice Had a Vision....Again, A Piece of Forever, Edward's Love, Jacob's Protection.

I am not really into the whole Twilight thing but DAMN......Alice Had a Vision....Again is AWESOME and I love Jacob's Protection as well. OH HELL YES I have the best idea for a dark purple/indigo/gold look with that Alice colour!

From left to right: Cricket, Flutter-by, Not So Silent Night, Ooops! #1, Regifted, Severina, Velvet Dream, Velvet Goldmine, Violet Ruffle.
OH MAN Not So Silent Night is the coolest colour! My terrible photography doesn't really show it but it has such a lovely depth and sparkle to it. I have a look coming up that I used it in, you will see what I mean!
I wanted to try out some of my new colours as soon as I got my package! I did this quick look using light washes of Catrice Sunny Side, Salsa Cubana, and Take it Mint. I used the Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen as well as the Curl Extender Mascara. (Other shades: Urban Decay Tease shadow and Goldmine eyeliner.)


  1. I keep going back to Take it Mint. I am so obsessed with minty colored things. What a great bunch of new things!

  2. When I saw your post I was like "Those are two girls who love color and would be great make up buddies!" Oh wow, I love what she sent you! I'm sure you're going to use them all!

  3. I'm not into those Twilight things either, but those shades are killer! Can't wait to see what you put together with them.

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with the stick-on eyeliner!

  5. I'm so happy you love your goodies :) Enjoy and i'm looking forward to some looks :)

  6. Great look and awesome swatches. Sparkling Luna is the most generous person when it comes to swaps! She's a legend.