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Monday, January 13, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 1: M'era Luna and Hildesheim

Happy late new year everyone!!! I decided to start the year off by sharing my pictures of one of my highlights of 2013......going to Europe for the first time! We started off our trip by travelling to Hildesheim, Germany to see the M'era Luna Festival (which I had been wanting to attend for YEARS!)
The trip unfortunately got off to a bad start; we were halfway across the Atlantic ocean when they said they had to turn the plane around because something was wrong with it. We ended up taking a nearly 6 hour round trip flight back to Canada (after an over 3 hour flight prior to that) and ended up waiting several hours to get to a hotel at 3 am. Then we had the flight all over again the next day and we ended up getting to Germany a day late. We just got into Hildesheim literally right in the afternoon just as the festival was starting. Our trip into Hildesheim was an experience in and of itself; I have never before been driven in an Audi taxi going 150 km/h down an autobahn!!! WOOOOooo no speed limit!! We were both feeling very jet-lagged after our sh*tty flights but we decided to try to go to the festival for a few hours anyway.

One of the things I enjoyed about Hildesheim was the fact that you could wait for the bus looking like this (see below) and no one seems too concerned about it (I think you'd get the sh*t kicked out of you if you did that in a small town here!)

Also, Hildesheim has a special kind of bus called the Nachtbus (nightbus) that has a vampire-y goth-y looking guy in a leather trenchcoat on the back of it. I am not sure what this bus is for (I assumed that it was for driving people around at night but here it is in broad daylight) but I thought it was pretty awesome!

The town of Hildesheim was absolutely gorgeous, and our hotel was so pretty! This is the courtyard where we ate breakfast in the morning at our hotel. The weather there was just perfect for this.
 Here is the Hildesheim Theater fur Niedersachsen, it looked really pretty at night.
 Anyway, we missed most of the first day of the festival because we had been up for too many hours straight and I was feeling quite ill. I was quite upset about the flight being delayed by a day because we wanted to be there a day in advance so we could get over any jet lag enjoy the festival. I had never experienced full blown jet-lag before. For me, it wasn't even the lack of sleep/fatigue that was the problem. I had the worst nausea I had ever had in my life! I didn't eat for the first day and a half that I was there. Because day and night are essentially switched around, my body seemed to think I needed food when I should be sleeping and vice versa.

Feelin' super nauseated. Also, it was a bit sunny out for my tastes, ha!
It is too bad that we missed most of the first day; I missed seeing the band Eisenfunk who I've never seen before. Also, the "disco" as they call it there (dancing all night to DJ's in a hangar on the festival grounds) was that night and I missed it :( I did, however, get to see Mesh live, which was awesome because they weren't a band I thought I'd ever see.
There were lots of pretzels and bratwurst to be had! (Too bad I couldn't eat them!)
The other half eating a bratwurst
Anyway, if you are in to "goth" music, this festival is an amazing experience! It is awesome to see a sea of 20,000 people in black enjoying the music, clothing vendors, food, and camping! We decided to stay in a hotel as camping/the outdoors are very foreign to me as far as attending/dressing up for alternative events go. However, it is nothing like the outdoor festivals we have here. The people at M'era Luna come to a station where there are showers and mirrors and sinks so they can get their makeup on and dress to the nines. It is nothing like some of the outdoor festivals that we have here. I have never gone to them, but I have heard stories of people camping out and not showering for days and getting drunk and dirty and disorderly. Everyone at M'era Luna seemed very well-behaved and clean! LOVED IT!
People getting cleaned up/doing their makeup at the outdoor mirrors and sinks
I hope to go back another year so I can experience the festival in full!
Tomorrow I will post about day 2 of the festival.


  1. Seems like you had a great time there !

  2. I love your unassuming bus outfit. Stinks that the flights got all messed up and you were sick for part of the trip, though. I've never flown so far so I have no idea what that kind of thing is like, but I would be so cranky for sure. You got out there and tried to do some stuff, though, so kudos to you. Don't blame you for wanting to stay at a hotel. In my family staying at a hotel IS camping.

  3. Oh no! If only I had known that you were there, I might have moved my lazy ass to Hildesheim as well... I was seriously thinking about going there, but in the end stayed at home.

  4. This sounds really awesome! Your bus outfit is completely perfect for traveling, dunno why you were so surprised, hahaha. That flight sounds horrible, though! We've had something like that (well, not nearly as long and bad since we weren't flying overseas) happen, and ugh, horrendous. I sympathize!

  5. Sorry to hear about your dramas getting to the festival. Glad you didn't miss any of it though.