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Monday, January 20, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 5: Kutna Hora

One of my favourite parts of our trip to Europe was going on a day trip to Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic. We got up early and took the train from Prague; it only took a little over an hour.

We travelled to Kutna Hora to see the Sedlec Ossuary or "bone church". There are other ossuaries in Europe but this one is interesting because someone in the past decided to get creative with the bones. Ossuaries were used to house the skeletons of the dead when there was not enough space to bury them. The Sedlec Ossuary contains the bones of tens of thousands of people.

The cemetery outside of the ossuary was something to see in and of itself.


Me BONING up on the history of the Sedlec Ossuary. See what I did there?

All of this is made from REAL bones. I had never seen anything like it.

This is a place that I had wanted to visit for years. It was pretty awesome to finally see it for myself! Have you ever visited and ossuary before?


  1. How cool! You took some great pictures. I don't know how I would do in-person (I'm really squirmy about death and bones irl) but it's honestly some really awesome art and I think a great tribute to those who helped make it. Better than just taking the excess and abandoning it in a communal hole or something.

  2. Wow! I'm not sure if that would have been on my list of places to visit, but you took some great photos and now my interest is piqued. I have such a travel bug right now because of your posts!

  3. I have never seen an ossuary, but that looks amazing! I imagine it must have been really humbling. Can you pack me in your suitcase next time you travel!?

  4. I went there when I went to Prague and was blown away. Never seen anything like it. Creepy but awesome too.

  5. Oh wow, the Sedlec Ossuary, I am dying to go there! I did see the Paris Catacombs though, and touch one of the ancient skulls. That was pretty amazing.