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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 6: London

Our final stop for our trip was London! London is absolutely HUGE. I remember being on the plane and flying into the airport looking at the city from above, I couldn't believe how big it was!
We rode on the tube to get to our destinations that day. If you're not from a city with an extensive subway, it is actually kind of amusing to ride about on the tube. I am guessing it is a lot less amusing when you have to do it every day.

Our first stop was the Picadilly Circus/Regent Street type of area.

I got to go to Illamasqua! I picked out several things that I had been eyeballing and felt pretty pleased with myself as it is quite expensive to order their products online here. When I got back to Canada, I found out that they are now selling Illamasqua at The Bay so I couldn't feel too fancy about getting my stuff from London!

We also stumbled upon a couple of places to shop on Regent Street. There is a United Nude shoe store there! I bought some black Lo-Fi pumps that I had been eyeballing on the internet. SWEET!

We also found the Lotus F1 store which was cool as we are both Formula 1 fans.

Our next stop was Camden Market!!

Camden Lock

I had been wanting to go to Cyberdog for like, a million years!

In a store full of UV reactivity, I ended up getting something BLACK. Go figure.

What could be sexier than runners paired with a chiffon skirt?
One thing that I noticed about London is that there are a LOT of signs telling you what to do everywhere compared to the other places we visited. I am not sure what mooring is (something to do with boats?), but I was sure to NOT do it in this area.

There were signs everywhere telling you how many people got injured in "the gap" and on the escalators and stuff.

There was pretty much a set of rules to follow just to ride the escalator at one of the tube stations. However, one of the signs informed me that someone died on an escalator at some point so I made sure to be EXTRA careful! I kind of like safety rules so the signs amused me.

It's too bad we only had one day in London, there is so much to see there! Did I mention that it is huge? Do you know what else is huge? The London Heathrow Airport. It was a nightmare! There were signs saying it was a 45 minute walk to get to our gate. I was like, "Yeah, right!" Um, they were right. I have never been in an airport that large, it was a gong show!
Anyway, that concludes my Europe trip pictures! Now we shall get back to our regularly scheduled makeup.


  1. Mooring is when you tie your boat up and leave it there. It's like a no parking sign for boats basically, lol.

    So now I kind of want to go to London, but I think I would die in an airport that took 45 minutes to walk to your gate. I am impossibly lazy. Aren't they supposed to have like a monorail or a tram to get you there? Anyway we'll just end this talking about those shoes. They are amazing. I want to just look at them for a while.

  2. 45 minutes to get to the gate? Holy mackerel.

    Those shoes were awesome. How was the exchange rate? I imagine brutal T_T

  3. So jealous of London. My husband lived there for a year, so he's in no hurry to go back any time soon...and it and Stonehenge were really the only places I've ever wanted to go.

    He has a ton of Cyberdog stuff from that time. I think he knows one of the owners maybe? I don't remember.

  4. Wow, that sounds really amazing! I really want to go to London... Ok, pretty much all of Britain. But also London!

  5. Waaah, you were in London?! If you're here for longer, let me know, I'll show you around :D

  6. I need to plan a trip to London soon . I've been there a couple years ago and i loved it . Unfortunately my finances weren't that great back then , so i couldn't spen a lot of money in those darn nice shops overthere !! And for me it's just overseas , taking the high speed train and i'm there in no time :) , but i have to make time ... Anyways i need to get there soon , LOL
    Seems like you guys had a lot of fun !

  7. I love London! I could easily spend a week there and still not see anything! Looks like you had heaps of fun on your trip.

  8. I am dying to go back to London one day! It was my first trip out of the country for me! (London, a bit of more rural England and Paris) and I would love to see more! I also really want to go to America!

    I love the sculptures in Cyberdog!