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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Swatches: Bourjois and Tarina Tarantino

It's time to get back to makeup on this blog! Here are some random swatches of things I got a long time ago. I am trying to not buy ANY makeup starting February 1st except for replacing my daily essentials when they run out (i.e. foundation). Wish me luck, I failed miserably at this same thing last year. I have been trying to "shop my stash" to help avoid purchasing anything; I have so much nice stuff that I often find things that I haven't worn for ages or have forgotten about so it is almost the same as getting something new! So far, the stash shopping approach has been working, I have been using lots of things that haven't seen the light of day for awhile whenever I get the urge to got to Sephora.
ANYWAY, here are some Bourjois eyeshadows. I think the packaging is quite nice and I enjoy the colours that they offer. I picked up a few purple shadows as I don't have much in the dark purple department.
From left to right: 12, 13, and 04.
I really like the colours, but I was quite worried about the quality of the shadows when swatching them. I "dry swatch" everything and these barely adhered to my arm! I swatched them over a MAC Paint Pot just to get them to show up in the photo below.

From left to right: 13, 04, 12.
On my eyes, they actually look fine as I always wear UDPP and a Paint Pot anyway. If you don't wear an eye bas or primer, I would definitely stay away from these.
One brand of makeup that I hadn't tried until about last year was Tarina Tarantino. I bought a couple of the eyeshadows off of a blog sale.
I love the packaging, especially the purple and red skull-themed one (it was from the limited edition Victorian Punk collection).

There is nothing special about the quality of these; they work well enough but did not blow me away or anything. My swatches suck and do not do Victorian Punk justice. It is purple with a golden/green duochrome/sparkle effect. It looks awesome on!!

From left to right: Bow, Victorian Punk.


  1. I really like the TT palette that I have - the texture is really nice and the colors go together well, and well, it's green...so there's that ;) I'm trying to be more restrained, too, but lately I just feel like buying everything. Ugh.

  2. I'm sorry you weren't happy with your new eyeshadows! I have tried both of these brands in the past... I liked Tarina Tarantino's stuff but wasn't as impressed by it, but I was never very impressed by Bourjois... I don't even know if it's available around here anymore!

  3. Stash shopping is something I also try. Actually, this works pretty good. I haven't bought a nail polish since months, I skimmed the illamasqua sale but didn't buy anything and whenever I see a nice eye shadow I remind myself of the 100 colours I have at home. Since November last year my only purchases were fake lashes and some pearls to glue on the face. I've been a good girl!

  4. Love the packaging on the Tarina Tarantino shadows! I've never tried anything from the brand, but I'm definitely interested now! :)


  5. I had a ton of those bourjois round pots when i was 16 :D
    I still have a few of these and some trio's . They work great with a primer and used with some mixing medium they are pretty vibrant .

  6. I love the colours! Shame the formula's not too hot.

  7. I have the same bourgois shadows! I received two of the them this XMas. The colors are beautiful, maybe not very intense because you have to use a great quantity of product. I prefer black shadows from Essence, they are quite good :).