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Monday, February 10, 2014

February Theme: Outerwear

I just about wrote "underwear" for the theme title when I was typing it in. LET'S NOT GO THERE! Anyway, in the spring and fall, I like to wear faux leather jackets to keep warm. I like them because they add a bit of edginess to an outfit. I enjoy how they look like a part of an outfit rather than just a jacket; in my opinion, they really pull an outfit together. Here's a few pictures of me "mainstreaming"
about in my favourite faux leather jackets.

JACKET: Le Chateau. It can also be worn open, it has a nice drape to it.
SCARF: World of Trout (A store in my hometown, Zara has similar ones.) I LOVE wearing scarves with my jackets!
Top: Plastik Wrap.
Skirt: Target.
Socks: Walmart.
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

JACKET: Bebe. I tend to get the side-eye from people (not that I care, I've become quite accustomed to getting the old side-eye) when I wear this. Perhaps it's a bit loud? I suppose it does have shoulder pads and it IS bright red....
Top + Tights: H&M.
Necklace, Skirt, + Cuff: Le Chateau.
Watch: Nixon.
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.
TOP + JEANS: Guess.
NECKLACE: Aldo Accessories. It has tiny little spikes, perfect for daytime!
SHOES: Shi by Journeys (Found these on one of the shoe posts on Coffin Kitsch!)
I love jackets and scarves!! I'm off to check out everyone else's theme post while drinking as much coffee as possible!


  1. I love your shoes!!!
    I think you dress very well and I do hope that those side eyes are not eyes with horror but with envy and interest.
    Your first outfit is so cool. I like when an outfit is all black but with different textures.

  2. NGL, I would side eye you in that red jacket. You know, to make sure if you were looking for when I took you down and ran away with it. Seriously, you're lucky you and I aren't remotely the same size ;P Totally agree about jackets being good as part of an outfit rather than just a thing to put over an outfit. Not there yet weather-wise, but it's something I love to do in fall and maybe spring (I feel like we more go from winter to summer here, though)

  3. Cute outfits! I want ALL OF YOUR SHOES-- very nice :)

  4. Wah, is that black jacket on top pinstriped? I'm guessing it's textured, but it looks like pinstripes and looks SOCOOL. Also love the red jacket, though I have a love/hate relationship with 3/4 sleeves- on the one hand, they show off the lovely forearm, on the other, my forearms get cold and then I am always trying to tug the sleeves down....

  5. I love all of these outfits! Especially the second one, with that fabulous red jacket. I love your skirts, too! I need a few more skirts in my own wardrobe, I think.

  6. I would totally side eye you in that red jacket too...because it's awesome! :) Seriously, for me there's a bit too much going on colorwise in that outfit, but there's nothing odd in the jacket. I love the other two outfits too, and your shoes, of course. :D

  7. The second outfit is so pretty. I super love the red jacket for it made the overall look classy and trendy. Love it!

  8. One day I will fly over to Canada and steal your wardrobe! You seriously have so much amazing stuff, I can't believe it! I like the first jacket best because it has this nice contrast between formal stripes and cool drape. But I wouldn't mind the other jackets in my wardrobe either...

  9. I adore the red jacket, those people who are giving you the side eye must be jealous they are too scared to wear something like this. On a side note - how to do get your bangs to stay so perfect? Mine only work our 1/4 of the times I have them down :(

  10. Wow i really love the first outfit . The scarf and jacket are gorgeous ! And the 3th one is really right up my alley !

  11. That first jacket is amazing! I love the texture and the cut! I used to have a fabric jacket that had a ridged texture. I grew out of it and had to pass it on.

    Ha ha, I stare at people who have interesting outfits, but I usually smile at them (hopefully in not too creepy a way) if they look at me. :P

  12. This first jacket looks so intriguing, too bad it's hidden under your scarf because I'd love to see some more of it. Anyway, I like your style, I think I need to visit your blog more often :)