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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipsticks

When my sister came to visit back in November, we went to Sephora. A picture on the Kat Von D display caught my eye and I decided I must have whatever lipstick she was wearing in the picture. I am not sure which one it was so I got two of them (JUST IN CASE, lol!). They are the new Foiled Love lipsticks and they are frosty as all hell!! Perhaps frosted lipstick is coming back in style? I'm actually kind of feelin' it, It is nice to have darker lipsticks with a different finish.


Very nice, as usual. The lipstick tubes are metallic silver.
The first picture is more colour-accurate, the second picture just shows how frosty they are.

Top: Oh My Goth
Bottom: FTW

I could not resist the names of these as you may have guessed. They apply slightly sheer but they look fine that way. If you wanted full opacity, you could wear a lip pencil under them. They are not particularly long-wearing, but due to the fact that they are somewhat sheer, they are quite forgiving for such dark colours. The colour Adora is also part of this line but it was released a long time ago (swatch here).
Has anyone tried any of the lighter shades of these?


  1. Haha, I love the "just in case." I don't have much from Kat Von D, just mostly not things that catch my interest. I feel like both of these colors would be perfect for you, though. Especially Oh My Goth. Which did make me giggle a little saying it in my head.

  2. I think frosts might be coming back, actually. I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I agree that it's nice to have variety - and the names are hilarious.

  3. I always try these on at Sephora, feel like they're way "too much" for me, and leave them until I try them on the next time... I guess I just don't feel confident pulling off a frosty lip for whatever reason (even though dark colors don't feel that way to me!), but I think these are really neat colors. Hence trying them on and swatching them obsessively every time I walk past them... I bet these look great on you!

  4. I'll have to skip on these, I need a long lasting lipstick!

  5. I like the look of these, I am a bit of a dark lipstick lover, although I don't wear it often. I rarely find one dark enough for me! I would like to try these on and see if they are actually dark enough, ha ha.

  6. I never heard of them, but they might be difficult to get in Germany. We don't have Sephora here!

  7. so pretty! I love the names haha :)


  8. I got the o My goth when i was in new york in june. I love it :) its a perfekt color :). We have Sephora in Sweden but They dont sell kat von d's stuff.

  9. I love the color but not the frost.