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Monday, March 24, 2014

MAC Punk Couture

Hello! At the start of this year, I decided I have too much makeup. I was going to stop buying makeup starting January 1st but I slipped big time when I saw the MAC Punk Couture collection. Dark lipsticks and neon pigments......I couldn't resist! (in my defense, I already had Neo Orange). Anyway, here are some swatches and my thoughts on the collection!


From left to right: Cremesheen Glasses: Jet Boy, No Apologies, Dark Outsider. Pigments: Neo Orange, True Chartreuse. Lipsticks: Instigator, Hautecore, Studded Kiss.


Above: Indoor light. Below: Natural Light.

From left to right: Neo Orange, True Chartreuse, Instigator, Studded Kiss, Hautecore, Jet Boy, Dark Outsider, No Apologies.


The lipsticks are of the Matte formulation. They are smooth and velvet-y with minimal shine. I was unable to get my hands on Punk Couture lipstick as it sold out quite quickly; also, I am told it is VERY similar to Potent Fig (a Mattene) which I already have. By looking at pictures on various blogs, I would say that Potent Fig is shinier and more blue-toned but VERY similar. I am a bit disappointed with the colour of Instigator as it looks very similar to other colours which I already have (NARS Train Bleu, MAC Smoked Purple, Night Violet, and Cyber). Studded Kiss is really nice, it is blood-red sort of shade. It looks rather brown-toned in indoor light but in natural light it is more wine/berry-ish. I will get a lot of use out of this one! Finally, there is Hautecore, which I got to add to my black lipstick collection. I like it a lot better than Black Knight (Cremesheen from Style Black) as a matte black is a lot more forgiving than a sheer, creamy formulation.

Instigator, Studded Kiss, and Hautecore. Above: Indoor light. Below: Natural light.


If you are like me and you freaked out with joy when Style Black came out back in 2009, you will notice the similarities to these three Cremesheen glasses with the Glimmerglasses from Style Black. In my opinion, they are the exact same colours in a slightly different formulation. Jet Boy is a greenish-gold colour with a creamy grey base, Dark Outsidser is just the creamy grey base, and No Apologies has pink/purple sparkles in the grey base. If you have the ones from Style Black, there would be no point in getting these. I have Blackfire from Style black and it looks almost the same as No Apologies; Blackfire has more sparkles and a darker base colour but they look quite similar on the lips (see photo below). At first, I was somewhat disappointed in these as I thought they would be more in your face. However, their wearability is somewhat of a blessing since I am stuck in "work makeup" most of the time. These give lips a nice grey tone with a bit of sparkle which is something a bit different for work but not so much that one cannot get away with it. They also look super fabulous over lipstick.

Jet Boy, Dark Outsider, and No Apologies.



I already had Neo-Orange but picked up True Chartreuse as I had been looking for a colour like this. These are smooth and packed with colour; however, they are rather hard to use. Their adherence is poor and I find I get a "balding" effect when I blend them. Blargh. 

True Chartreuse, Neo Orange.

Did any of you try anything from this colletion? What do you think of MAC pigments? Does anyone else remember Style Black? 


  1. :( about the pigments. I skipped this whole collection. Honestly I have been skipping MAC in general lately. The only thing I've gotten is 1 permanent pro-pan in probably the last year. Instead I'm going to get the new UD Electrics palette. Because I don't care if you're not supposed to put all the colors on your eyes. They are all going there and that is that.

  2. I have seen this black lipstick the last time i went buy some for me, the makeup artist of the mac store was using it, and I didn't like it...it didn't have a matte look, strong and heavy, like black should be. But I don't know if this one I saw is the one of this collection, probably not! i have to check that store out again one of these days :)

  3. By the time I got the email saying they were available online, they had sold out. That happens to me *a lot.*

  4. I don't own any of these , i have a bunch MAC pigments and well ... some are awesome , some are real bummers ...

  5. I need these lipsticks desperately! Thanks for the heads up. I will hunt them down.