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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hello, here are some nail polishes that I have been trying out. I will now say my usual disclaimer about nail posts: this is not a nail blog/my nails suck/some pictures have chipped nail polish or visible cuticles/sorry for that/blah blah. These pictures are just to show the different colours and make comments about the formula of certain brands. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I have always been a fan of these. They are great for wearing on special occasions and superb if you have no fine motor skills and are thus unable to do nail art freehand (like me!) The fact that they are made out of real nail polish is CRUCIAL; they are stretchy and have some "give" to them, thus it is easy to make them fit the shape of your nail and to file the edges off smoothly. I tried a similar product by Maybelline Colour Show (because they were cheaper) and they were terrible! However, they are nail STICKERS and not made of real nail polish. Therefore, they crinkle and do not stick well and it is VERY difficult to get them to match the shape of your nail. I had to remove the set that I tried as they looked terrible. However, I am bad at nail-related things, if you are good at it you could probably make them work.

Full Plume
Stud-io Time
Spun For You
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

These come in a variety of colours and are supposed to make the nail look "fuzzy". They do not have a texture to them, they just have matte "glitter" particles in them.

Essie Camera and Sally Hansen Peach Fuzz
Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

LOVE this nail polish! You can do so many neat things with it! It looks awesome over any colour.

Black Tie Optional over China Glaze Celtic Sun
Black Tie Optional and L'Oreal New Money

Black Tie Optional over Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Violet and Maybelline Colour Show in Fuschia Fever.

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Lacquer

These nail polishes kind of suck. They are inexpensive and come in some awesome colours, but the formula is terrible. They are very thin and need many coats to become opaque and they chip very easily. The exception to this are some of the glitter topcoats that they make, they are not bad.

Maybellin Colour Show Lacquer in Green with Envy,  Nicole By OPI Black Texture, and China Glaze Crinkled Chrome.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour

These work just as well as the more expensive brands, in my opinion.

Red-y Response
Nails, Inc. Neons and Nudes

I bought this set on sale at Sephora. I never buy any of those cute little Nails, Inc. kits unless they are on sale as they are rather pricey otherwise. Also, they have nice nail polish but it isn't THAT great so as to justify the price, in my opinion. 

Porchester Square and Westbourne Grove
Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

These double sided polish sets looked intriguing to me. I love the colour of the grey polish but the formula is just meh. The topcoat actually has a neat broken glass kind of effect. You have to apply more than one coat for it to look even however. You also have to kind of "place" the glitter particles with your brush to get an even look.


Quite some time ago, I was watching water marbling nail art tutorials on YouTube and decided to try it for myself. It is harder than it looks! I cannot make a specific design in the nail polish in the water like the people in the videos (thus I only made random designs). Also, when I tried using more than two colours it did not work. Thirdly, many types of nail polish do not work for this sort of thing (they don't float on the water properly) so there is a lot of trial and error involved.

OPI Alpine Snow and Black Onyx

OPI All the Berry Best! and Black Onyx

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lightening and OPI Black Onyx.

I shall be doing more nail posts soon as I have a few new things to try out!

What have you been doing with your nails lately? Ever tried water marbling? Let me know if you have any tips!


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  3. I've always wanted to try the polish strips. Love the hard candy black tie optional polish! I, too, tried the water marbling. Wasn't worth the effort, in my opinion. Not much going on here nailwise...Just growing them out to their former glory.

  4. What a nice variety of nail arts :) Love them all !