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Monday, April 28, 2014

Lime Crime Swatches and Thoughts

Lime Crime......it is a makeup brand that has become synonymous with controversy. I made my first purchase from Lime Crime right after they started their online sore in 2008. I bought two of their loose eyeshadows (which they do not carry anymore) and then BANG! There were massive waves of controversy about the brand flooding beauty blogs everywhere. I will not go into any of these issues in depth here as they have been extensively written about elsewhere. Essentially, the owner of the company made false claims and threatened people who posted negative reviews and "sockpuppet-ed" about in comment threads. 

Unfortunately, when the owner was called out on these things, she did not apologize for her actions and by doing so, essentially shot herself in the foot. Since then, bloggers have been watching her like a hawk and pouncing on any mild misstep the company makes. Some of these issues have been blown way out of proportion, in my opinion; however, that is what happens when one shoots oneself in the foot. I feel that if she actually apologized for what happened int he beginning, she could have made a fresh start and saved her company's reputation.

Due to the poor behaviour of the owner, I am rather conflicted about purchasing from Lime Crime.On the one hand, I think their products are fantastic. I also love their promotional imagery* and packaging. I think that many negative reviews of their products have been somewhat overblown (once again, that's what happens when one shoots oneself in the foot) and affected by the company's negative reputation. I sometimes think that we all deserve a second chance. However, on the other hand, does a company really deserve a second chance if they never apologized for their behaviour in the first place?

I have bought several things from Lime Crime (and also received items as gifts). I feel guilty because I really think that the owner should have made some effort to apologize for past behaviour. I don't like to support companies that behave poorly. I also feel like the company has been unfairly bashed over minor issues due to past bad behaviour and that many products have been reviewed negatively due to bias (though once again, shooting oneself in the foot is one's own fault).

Now that I have said my piece on the company, I would like to share my thoughts on their offerings. I have always really liked most of their promotional material*. I think it is really nicely photographed, eye-catching, and well put together. Some examples:

Lip Noir Collection

Aquataenia Palette

I also think that their packaging is gorgeous and nicely detailed.

Aquataenia Palette

I adore the packaging of their liquid eyeliners! (I believe the packaging has since changed).

The eyeliner tubes are made of heavy materials, they are really nice.

Their liquid eyeliners are excellent products, in my opinion. They come in unique colours and have a great shiny finish. They also stay on essentially FOREVER.

From top to bottom: Citreuse, Blue Milk, 6th Element.  From left to right: Lunar Sea, Lazuli, Quill, and Orchidaceous.
I also enjoy the eyeshadows in the palette that I bought; they are well pigmented and very smooth. The colours are also awesome!

From left to right: Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple. Atlanteal.
Whilst I have enjoyed all of the other products that I have from Lime Crime, the real pièce de résistance of the company would be their lipsticks. OH THE LIPSTICKS!!! I LOVE THEM. They come in weird colours, they are very pigmented, they apply smoothly, and they are long wearing. Also, they made a pink lipstick that actually looks good on me!! 

From left to right: Glamour 101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia, My Beautiful Rocket, No She Didn't, and Chinchilla.
In summary, Lime Crime does a great job of making pretty promotional materials (most of the time)*, offers awesome products and has lovey packaging. I really wish that the owner would come out and clear up past issues; it would help to wash away the stains on this otherwise great brand. I think people really appreciate honesty and I think she would greatly improve her business. 

What do you think about Lime Crime? Do you like their products? What do you think of their customer service? Would you buy from this company?


*I am aware that there has been some controversy over some of the promotional imagery involving cultural insensitivity/cultural appropriation. I do NOT agree with using culturally insensitive imagery to promote products. 


  1. I find their products hit and misses. I didn't know much/anything about the Lime Crime controversy for a long while and then only read a little but only muuuch later read a lot about it. It's basically made me not want to buy their entire lipstick collection and only select few.

    I found their liner quality vary with each shade, loved quill for how dark it was but because it rains here constantly it messes up easily also sometimes my eyes just leak and the eyeliner disappears. But when I wore Lazuli it just stayed put.

    Tried a few of LC lipsticks, main issue is that some of the boring shades don't look anything like their online swatches which essentially put me off buying ALL of the Lime Crime but I adore their black lipstick and Serpentina, Loooove them to death.

    tl;dr hit and misses + brand shenanigans = not buying all the Lime Crime, just some of the Lime Crime xD

  2. I would chop off my foot before buying from this brand. The owner is a terrible person and she seems proud of her nasty behavior and never apologizes. Anything that she has done wrong is always someone else's fault. I have followed her ridiculous antics from the Little Big Girl days and I am DEAD AND DONE with her antics.

    Used to be a fan but saw the light.

  3. I appreciate this post - I've always stayed away from Lime Crime for the same reasons you've discussed, but some of their products do look pretty cool. So, my own choice is not to support the company. I wish there were more companies that had the same range of colors, though!

  4. The owner is an idiot. They have nice products. I buy from them sometimes and would buy thier whole range if the owner wasn't an arse.

  5. I still will buy Lime Crime now and again. I like the lipsticks, didn't love the white liner personally. Think the owner is a bit of a space cadet, but also think a lot of issues (including the cultural appropriation war) have gone so far into cuckoo bananas territory that I can't be bothered any more. But I mean they had a mint-y colored lipstick. And it was awesome. I needed it.

  6. people act as if this is the worst company ever, when pretty much every company does the same thing. So she works with wholesalers, like every brand ever. So she lied...like every brand ever! I can't roll my eyes hard enough.