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Thursday, August 7, 2014

MAC Nail Transformations and Moody Blooms

NO BUY UPDATE: I have officially gone 6 months without buying new makeup!!!!

Thankfully, my friend got me some makeup for my birthday so I have had a couple of fixes here and there! She got me some things from MAC Moody Blooms and Nail Transformations. First off, can I say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the promotional imagery for Moody Blooms!! I am a gardening and weird plant enthusiast so I am totally into these pictures (image taken from MAC website obviously).

I got the Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint in Blushing Berry. She made a good choice because it looks quite flattering on me if I do say so myself! It is a really nicely textured product; it's not runny but not too sticky either. It has a twist bottom and dispenses product onto a lip brush. The lip brush is nicely textured and smooth. Be careful not to twist it too much! I cranked the sucker (as you need to do on other products such as this) and wasted a bunch :( 

I enjoy this as it is buildable; I can wear a sheer coat for work or wear lots of it to go out. I find that it is also a great product to wear for going out to eat, it is quite forgiving and doesn't end up looking messed up afterwards.

I also got a Liquid Pigment Topcoat from Nail Transformations. This little beauty is Green Pearl, it is intended to be worn over other colours to make them look different, thus transforming one's nails.

I actually think it looks quite nice on its own as a sheer colour. I often wear sheer colours on my nails to work as I always chip my nails at work and sheer colours are a lot more forgiving.

It makes your nails look nice and shiny and when it catches the light it shines an almost metallic green with a bit of an orange shift.

I decided to try this over top of a matte neon green polish (China Glaze something or other, it doesn't say on the bottle). The matte texture really emphasizes how much I suck at evenly painting my nails so I thought this topcoat would disguise that somewhat. I liked how it gave a nice metallic finish, but then realized that in order to really transform my nails, I should not paint Green Pearl over GREEN. DUH.

I tried it as a topcoat over red (OPI All The Berry Best To You) and black (OPI Black Onyx) and it looks pretty cool! I especially like it over black.

Did you try anything from Moody Blooms or Nail Transformations? 


  1. I really liked the Moody Blooms promo images, too. I'm not necessarily a plant enthusiast, but looking at them is nice. I kill plants url, though. Kill 'em dead. *sigh* I didn't actually buy anything from the collection, though. I'm not on a no-buy, but I did organize what I have and am trying to buy more sensibly (i.e. I have enough pink-toned backup blushes to last me to the grave)

  2. I liked the promos, too, but nothing from the collection itself really called my name, thankfully. For some reason I feel like splurging on eye shadow palettes lately, even though I have a million and five.

  3. You have very nice friends that help you tackle the make up obsession! I'm glad you could make it so long without buying new stuff and the gifts look very well chosen to fit you!

  4. wow, what a nice friend (and with excellent taste).. and 6 months?! Damn girl you've got some serious self restraint!


  5. Hmmm…I may have to give the MAC lipglass a try. I had all but given up on lip gloss (too sticky, too messy), but I do love how it looks. And for summer, just a touch of color will do!