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Thursday, August 28, 2014

My First Pop Music Concert: BSB

A few months ago, a friend from work asked me if I would like to attend the Backstreet Boys concert with her. "ABSOLUTELY NOT," said I. Then, like an hour later, I got a text from my sister saying she is coming to the city where I live to go to the Backstreet Boys concert and would I like to come with her. I begrudgingly consented to do so after I thought about it for awhile. I realized that I had NEVER attended a pop music concert in my entire life before! As the people who are way younger than me say these days: YOLO. I figure I might as well fill my life with various types of experiences. I brought along my camera to document this strange event. 


For my makeup I decided to go with a pink theme. I used MAC Superglass in Fab Frenzy, Evil Shades Eyeshadows in Danger Sox and Zombie, UD 24/7 Liner in Woodstock, Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner in Black Orchid, and Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder.


I had NO IDEA what in the world to wear to this sort of thing. I went with a one-sleeved shirt that I hadn't worn for a long time and a faux leather skirt from H&M that I found in the depths of my closet. My sister's shirt is Material Girl, I believe.


 I took various pictures of their dance moves because grown men in matching suits doing silly choreography looks hilarious. I am told by other people who have expertise/previous experience in the area of BSB concerts that their moves and singing voices are not as tight as they used to be.

Jam on 'cause Backstreet's got it

Out of all of the members of BSB, I had to say that Kevin looked the best, danced the best, and had the best singing voice; he is also the oldest member of the band. Well played, Kevin. Well played.

Just look at Kevin go. He even plays the keyboard. Great job!
I enjoyed the fact that they did not take themselves too seriously. They made jokes about how the crowd was old and we should have fun like we are teenagers again and stuff. 

Lighting up the place with cellphones. BACK IN MY DAY, WE USED LIGHTERS AT CONCERTS ***shakes cane***

Some fans got to go on stage with them. None were teenage girls.

Just look at those moves......

Full disclosure: I actually knew ALL the words to 90% of their songs. Sad how your brain retains crap that you haven't listened to since you were 10 years old but when I need to remember something important at work my mind goes blank. I actually had a pretty fun time with my sister and my friend from work, it's nice to do something that is completely not your thing every now and then!

When I was a 10 year old BSB fangirl my favourite was BRIAN. If you used to be (or still are) a BSB fangirl who was YOUR favourite?


  1. I was never a BSB fan, but I had a short fling with CAught in the Act (a dutch boygroup). I never even had more than 1 CD and never went to a concert, though...

    It seems like you had a lot of fun nevertheless. And I agree, life starts when you leave your comfort zone. And you did so while looking smashing! ^^

  2. When BSB first came out, I was a teenager and a babybat, there would be no way in hell I would of listened to them LOL In my days, it was the New KidsOn The Block I went ape shit over. I had the bedsheets, the dolls, you name it! For a time, one of my brother's moved back home after a messy divorce. The only comforter we had in my house was the New Kids one. Whenever he would pick on me, as siblings do, I would simply smile and ask him what it was like to sleep with 5 guys. That shut him up!

    1. we had New Kids on the Block EVERYTHING too!

  3. Hahaha, I think perhaps I was into Kevin when they were around. Good to know he's aged well, lol! It does look like you still had fun :)

  4. Haaaaah, lol, this post...! It must have been fun though. :D
    I've never been a BSB fangirl, but my best friends was head over heels for Nick Carter and I always made jokes on her...I have to add, though, that I was having a crush on Superman at the time...:D
    Anyway...I've never been to a pop concert either, but I guess it's kinda like going to mainstream clubs; I mean, the people probably dress the same way. You looked cute, by the way, but still totally out of place...:D

  5. haha awesome! I saw the show to end all shows when I was a preteen (also with my sister)--Backstreet Boys AND Hanson. Nick was my favorite BSB.

  6. Omg, I'm so damn jealous! I was a huge fan of BSB when I was a child/pre teen back in the 90s early 2000s!!! I too know most of the words to their songs but I'd say 50% not as much as you! You and your sisters look so alike and yet so different! It's lovely that you two went together!

  7. I agree about doing things out of your comfort zone, good for you! I was not a BSB fan, but I did dabble in loving some NKOTB. LOL!!!!