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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An Ode to High Heels

Two weeks ago, I broke my toe by tripping over a piece of furniture in my bedroom like an idiot. It looked pretty gross; it was sticking out to the side and everything! It was quite painful at the time and has been causing me some issues with walking and at my job at which I stand all day. The biggest issue, however, is that I CANNOT WEAR ANYTHING EXCEPT RUNNING SHOES RIGHT NOW. Which means NO HIGH HEELS. I was told that I could not wear high heels for 4 to 6 weeks and my toe hurts so much that the only shoe I can get my foot into and walk around semi-comfortably in is a pair of old gym runners. 

I look pretty silly going to work in my professional clothing (dresses and skirts) and wearing runners on my feet. At first I figured it wasn't that big of a deal because you do what you have to sometimes and appearance isn't EVERYTHING but now it is REALLY starting to get me down!

High heels make me feel GREAT. I stand straighter and taller, I have confidence, and I feel like I am put together. I enjoy clothing, makeup and fashion and I feel 100% better when I get up in the morning, shower, do my hair, do my makeup and put on a nice dress, jacket, and pair of high-heeled boots. When I feel put together, my mood is better and I feel like I can take on the day! My clothing and makeup style are also a form of self-expression and creativity for me. It was irritating enough when I had to tone down my style for the dress code in my line of work, and it is really driving me nuts to not be able to wear the shoes that I like. Also, I don't care if other people see me wearing runners with a dress and think I look ridiculous. At this point in my life, I dress in a way that makes ME feel good about myself, and I DO NOT feel very good about myself walking around wearing shoes that I would usually wear to exercise or dig up crap in the yard. 

It is finally boot weather where I live and I have a lovely new pair of boots for work sitting in the closet along with a gorgeous new pair of leather and suede ankle boots for fall outfit-making.  I also have a new pair of black and iridescent green 6 inch heels for clubbing purposes. I cannot wear them. OH, THE SORROW!!! *SOBS while scrolling through the Solestruck website*

Anyway, here is a beautiful pair of high heels that my friend gave me. She bought a pair of black heels and artfully added spikes, studs, and chains to the back. I wear them with my alternative wardrobe as well as with my more mainstream clothing to spice things up a bit. (I can't get my foot into them now, *sob*)


I wore the following outfit to dinner with a group of friends at a nice French restaurant. I like this dress because it is super comfortable and light-weight for when it is HOT in the summer. Thankfully, the cooler weather has blown in and it is time for FALL clothes!

Dress: Le Chateau
Necklace: Bunny Paige (Learned of this company on Phyrra)
Shoes: Embellished by my friend


*Also, just to clarify, I know I am being over-dramatic and that this is a silly first world problem.*

Do you have an element of your style that you would have a hard time living without?


  1. Oh my, those shoes. Sorry to hear about your toe! I definitely know how you feel. It's kinda like when you travel - you want to have comfy shoes, but you want to look good, and it totally ruins how confident you feel if you have to wear your fabulous clothes and then...gym shoes. It makes me feel dowdy. BAH. I've been looking at shoes, too. I want a new pair of ankle boots and also a new pair of d'Orsay pumps. I used to think that cut was hideous, but seeing it more and more has changed my mind, and now I WANT SOME.

  2. Haha this is kind of funny because I'm the complete opposite to you! I can't wear heels (although I enjoy looking at them and admire those who do wear them) and I wear my black skate shoes with absolutely everything. A friend once told me I was the only person she knew who could get away with a pretty dress and boys skate shoes on the bottom! But those shoes are lush!! And in all seriousness I hope you get better soon, because it sucks to not be able to wear what you feel comfortable in and express yourself.

  3. wow those heels look beautiful, for me my aspect is make-up and my legs! if someone told me no make up it would really get to me, I bet that sounds really vain but I enjoy putting make up on in the morning and doing different eye looks. Also pretty much all of my outfits are shorts based so if someone said no more black tights for you I wouldn't be able to wear any of my wardrobe aha! I broke two of my inner middle toes before a trip to paris and the best shoe for me was an flat ankle boot kept my toes together and straight and flat, would definitely recommend trying a flat ankle boot

  4. I sprained my ankle back in June and had to spend a lot of the summer in flats, it sucked :(

  5. Oh, my...I hope your toe recovers fast, it's a shame for all those pretty shoes having to sit in your closet...:P

    I used to feel the same way about high heels; I thought I needed to wear heels to be confident and comfy in my own skin, to look put together, but then I realized how goddamn' uncomfortable and impractical they are...
    For one, I'm really tall and if I wear high heels, or platforms, I suddenly become taller, than most people including most man and that's frustrating. Plus I'm a fast walker and having to take small steps to not sprain my ankle is somewhat unnatural. I can walk in heels, it's just the speed....:/ But I get your point, because I feel terrible if I can't wear whatever I want to or feel like...:/

  6. Aww, honey! Sorry about the toe. I broke my toe and fractured some bones in my foot -- it's a horrible, painful mess. My heart goes out to you. Take care of it and rest up because there's nothing worse than a toe that healed improperly.

  7. The Professor is right. My old boss didn't let a broken toe heal correctly and she later had to have surgery on it which resulted in part of it being removed. So she had this stubby little toe that couldn't bend, which meant no heels for life. Scary, I know.
    I would be lost if I couldn't wear eye make up. If there is only one thing in the world I could have every day it would be eyeliner at the very very least. I had surgery on my eye last year and I couldn't wear makeup up for months. I swear, I died a little inside.

  8. Poor toesies! I was in a similar situation last year when I smashed my toenail off, I couldn't wear anything at all that pressed on the top of my toes. That meant it was flip flops all day every day. Though my work will allow people to wear flip flops, I haaaaate doing it. Just not professional (not to mention the floors are probably so germy :/)