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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Orange, Black, and Faux Leather Accents

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good year so far! Today's outfit consists of a few of my favourite things......orange, black, and faux leather accents. I really love this cropped sweater; it has faux leather patches on the shoulders and it is made from an orange and black fabric. I am a huge fan of any coloured fabric that has bits of black throughout it! The pencil skirt and earrings are both wardrobe workhorses that get a LOT of wear because they go with so many things.  
For my makeup, I attempted to do a colourful yet toned-down and wearable look featuring orange eyeshadow.


Illamasqua Blush in Sophie, UD Naked Palette, MAC Eyeshadow in Orange, Sobe Botanicals Eyeshadow in Zen Fire, Tokyomilk Dark Get Lucy Lip Tint, and Lemantula Designs earrings.

I was happy with how my makeup turned out.....I am really bad at using bright colours without going overboard for daytime look! I am always inspired by Sparkling Luna for colourful yet wearable looks; she is an expert blender and does such great thing with colourful shadows without going over the top.
I have had a lot of trouble getting decent makeup pictures for quite some time; I have a hard time getting all of the colours to show up! I think this year I am going to try to actually read some things about photography as I know absolutely nothing about it despite using the camera for my blog all the time. 


Earrings: Lemantula Designs
Sweater + Tights: H&M
Skirt: Target
Boots: Le Chateau


Do you have any blog photography tips? Do you know any good resources for beginner photographers? Please share!


  1. Sorry, no tips for fotography, I'm a greenhorn, too -,- But I really like your outfit, nice colours and those shoes are beautiful!

  2. Sorry, no tips for fotography, I'm a greenhorn, too -,- But I really like your outfit, nice colours and those shoes are beautiful!

  3. I think your photos are pretty good. Lol I don't have any advice except a good camera and pro lighting equipment. And a lot of free time.

  4. Love it! Love the eye makeup. Never knew that orange and black eye makeup is superb. Great color combo.

  5. Nah, your pictures are pretty good. ^^ What kind of camera do you have? I suppose you use flash for your photos, that's why the colors get a little washed out. Do you have any kind of light source besides the lamps? Anyway, you should always check the white balance and for make up shots you could try macro settings. I hope it helps. ^^

  6. OOOW , you made me blush now ... i'm so happy i actually can inspire someone when it comes to using colors in eyemakeup . Well that's why we are bloggers i suppose ? It's nice to get such compliments though :)
    Anyway i love the makeup and outfit ! Those shoes ... just to die for !

  7. I don't ever wear orange but that jumper is awesome. Great outfit!

  8. That palette! <3 I love your outfit, darling! Leather details are to die for! <3


  9. I hope you had a great holiday! It's been crazy hectic so of course I'm super late around here. I love that sweater! Very different and the color is great.

    I'm horrible at photography, so I'm sorry that I have no tips! I think a lot of bloggers post some great tutorials, actually, though I can't think of any off the top of my head. The fashion bloggers do some pretty frequently, I think!

  10. I LOVE everything about this... I love the outfit, I love the makeup, I love the earrings, the jumper, the skirt and the boots :D
    I love wearing orange :) That M.A.C shadow is so stunning and that pigment is gorgeous :)

  11. http://goo.gl/GgZz6a