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Friday, March 31, 2017

Casual Friday

Recently, when purchasing a new piece of clothing, the lady who was helping me asked if I was buying the piece to wear to an event. I told her that the event was EVERY DAY LIFE. I love to make outfits and wear my clothes; why save them for a special occasion? Unfortunately, the business of being an adult means that many "events" I leave the house for involve buying toilet paper or visiting the home improvement store. Even though these things are tedious as hell and do not require any special attention to one's personal grooming, I still like to put some effort into my outfit and get my clothes out of the closet. I usually wear a basic black skirt and top with low-heeled ankle boots and an interesting jacket. I am still comfortable enough to do what I need to do but I look like I gave something resembling a f*** about what I look like. 

1000 points for you if you know what show this is from.

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Jet Boy, Hunt Amor earrings (local).

JACKET: Lady Dutch
SHOES: Steve Madden


Scarf: Le Chateau, Catrice Yellow Submagreen quad, earrings from random Etsy store.


What do you wear when you're out running errands?


  1. I go to those same "events"! ;) I usually wear a skirt and cardigan. Even if I feel awful, I at least put on black jeans and "real" shoes. I can't get on board with pajama pants and slippers in the grocery store.

  2. My days include the same high points, haha! Due to my work I often look very neutral during office hours, which means going grocery shopping is when I can be myself. If I'm in the mood, I do my eyes and lips and then I put on a skirt, accessories and platform boots. I love putting together outfits and don't see the point in only wearing them on special occasions.

  3. AMEN! You look great! Is that cartoon scene for the Simpsons?
    I agree, you should wear your clothing and not save them for a special event. When I was at Cats Like Us, women would always say, "But I don't have a place to wear a dress", when they are referring to a cotton dress. I would say, "Go out to dinner or wear it with flats and a little cardigan, throw a cocktail party or just it around the house." Basically JUST WEAR IT!

    I wear a lot of leggings with flowy shorter dresses and a oversize cardigan with boots. I also like to wear jewelry and sometimes a scarf. Another combo I've been rockin' is fitted pants with a long collared shirt and a long cardigan with creepers. :)