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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Questionable Attire: The Shorts Jumpsuit and Thigh High Boots

Lately, I have developed an odd penchant for selecting clothes that are not really all that great for my body type. I have been eyeballing (and purchasing) things such as thigh-high and over the knee boots, short dresses, and oversized/menswear tops. For someone who is larger in the chest and thighs, these are not necessarily the most flattering choices. I often fluctuate between thinking that one should stick with what looks good on their body type and saying f*** it, I'll wear what I want. On the one hand, I like to look nice in my clothing; on the other hand, it is not my job to be visually appealing to others and I enjoy experimenting with outfits and makeup. I suppose it depends on how I feel, sometimes I feel a bit more toned down; other times, I feel like saying what the hell and wearing something that will get me the side-eye all day. 
One nice thing about where I live is that there are a variety of alternative dance nights to go to. These are great because I can wear anything I like and I don't have to worry about running into someone from work whilst wearing green lipstick or something. For this particular evening, I wore a shorts jumpsuit...... I NEVER wear shorts OR jumpsuits but I could not resist this one; it was on the clearance rack and it has the most amazing flowing sleeves ever! I paired it with another questionable wardrobe choice: thigh high boots. I am not sure that they are the most flattering but I LOVE THEM.....they are made of beautiful olive green suede. I wonder if I should have got them in black instead but I couldn't resist the olive green. (I also couldn't resist wearing metallic olive green lipstick with them!)


Earrings: Killstar Clothing, UD Moondust eyeshadow in Zodiac, Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes eyeshadow in Cyber Green, Portland Black Lipstick in Metallurgy.

(sad that this was the best one of the bunch)

Ridiculous Shorts Jumpsuit: Express
Tights: H&M
Ridiculous Thigh High Boots: Aldo

So what say you? Would you rather experiment with your look or just stick with what looks good on you?


  1. Whoah, I wouldn't guess it's a jumpsuit, it looks so rad. I also wouldn't guess this look is what you call 'unflattering', like, where? You have nice strong legs, perfect to wear tough boots and show them :D
    I like to experiment with fashion, but regardless if I do it or don't, my fashion choices are always unflattering >D I'd say if a person feels good in a garment, then it is flattering, if not - it's not.

  2. Stunning outfit! The color of the boots is perfect, because the olive green stands out against the black (and very cool floaty) jumpsuit. I think it looks very good on you.
    - Tea

  3. I love jumpsuits and omg those sleeves are awesome!! I haven't been in Express in ages--that's quite a find! I like the olive boots--they make your legs look really long for some reason..

  4. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I saw the post title. But wow! It's a great outfit! I love the sleeves.