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Monday, March 26, 2018

In the Spirit of Maximalism

One of the big F/W trends for 2017 was MAXIMALISM and I couldn't help but take notice. I LOVED the overdone looks; there were patterns and prints, colour clashing, and accessories galore. I REALLY wanted to create a completely off-the-wall nut-bar outfit to wear this season but couldn't quite figure out how to pull it off. I decided to take inspiration from the trend and try out some pattern mixing for something more practical and wearable. (PRACTICAL AND WEARABLE.......WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!?!) I wore my good old floral print velvet dress with leopard print shoes.....hardly daring but you have to look semi-appropriate sometimes when you're a grown-ass woman.....*sigh*


Clutch: Eggskin Lab, Earrings: Jamie Spinello



Toned-down pattern mixing FTY (for the yawwwwwn). I was hoping this would have a bit more IMPACT. 

What patterns have you mixed?


  1. This clutch is insanely maximalistic in itself. I'd love to see it paired with opulent lace, PVC and what not - but then again I'm not a fan of big floral patterns, so maybe I'm biased.
    Pattern clashing is something I'd gladly learn... I love how dolly kei outfits do it, but I myself am unable to even think this way D:

  2. Love the BIG florals! I don't really mix patterns--the only time I did was when the "aztec" prints were popular a few years ago and I had pants with the print and a jacket with another "native" print. As long as the pattern design elements are the same size, it all looks good imo.

  3. I am never brave or bold when it comes to my attire-- I always play it safe lol
    When someone else does it though, in my mind they become a moving work of art and expression. It's not that I envy it, but I appreciate it and respect it.

    That clutch is amazing! Now that I am jelly of, haha!